NeuroEnergy Coaching

Resilience-building coaching and somatic healing help you go from painful to powerful.

Are you prepared to transform your pain into a source of strength? To convert the lingering echoes of your trauma into a powerful chorus of resilience? Join me on this transformative journey. Together, we'll delve into the synergistic world of Resilience-Building Coaching, Somatic Healing, and the ancient practices of meditation and Reiki to move energy. This integrated approach is designed to unlock a life beyond your imagination—a life where you don't merely survive your past, but thrive with purpose and power. Let's embark on this path to discover a version of yourself that is not just enduring, but flourishing with newfound strength because your trauma doesn't define you. 

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Neuroenergy Coaching offers a transformative path from painful experiences to a state of powerful self-mastery. This approach not only acknowledges the deep impact of trauma but also harnesses the latest insights from neuroscience and energy psychology. By understanding and influencing the intricate connections between the brain, body, and emotions, it empowers individuals to rewire their responses to past traumas. This journey is not just about coping but about thriving – turning past pains into a source of strength, and rechanneling energy to foster resilience, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. Through this holistic and science-backed method, which integrates reiki, breathwork, meditation and life coaching, individuals are guided to unlock their inner potential, paving the way for a life defined not by trauma, but by courage, resilience, and empowerment.

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About Daniel Sears 

Air Force Veteran Chief, Coach, Breathwork & Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide & Neuro-Feedback specialist

I am Daniel Sears, and my story is one of resilience and transformation. As a retired Air Force veteran chief, my military career was marked by leadership and a commitment to excellence. However, my personal journey has been shaped by profound challenges and deep trauma. Growing up without a father figure, who left when I was just two, set a tone of abandonment and struggle in my early life. This pain was further compounded by two painful and difficult divorces, leading to the heart-wrenching loss of custody of my daughter. These experiences plunged me into deep depression, where I grappled with suicidal thoughts, questioning my worth and purpose.

The journey through these dark times was arduous. I found myself transitioning into a role I never anticipated: becoming a stay-at-home dad. This period, although filled with its unique joys, also left me feeling disconnected from my sense of purpose, exacerbating my internal conflicts.

But it was through these very struggles that I discovered my true calling. I realized that my experiences, both in the military and my personal life, equipped me with a unique understanding of pain, resilience, and transformation. This understanding became the foundation of my work as a coach for top athletes, where I use my story to inspire and guide others in harnessing their inner strength.

My passion for holistic growth led me to become a meditation and breathwork teacher. Here, I found solace and a path to healing, which I now share with others. These practices helped me rebuild my life, offering clarity and emotional balance.

Founding NeuroGenesis was a pivotal step in my journey. It’s a reflection of my belief in the power of overcoming adversity through the integration of neuroscience and practical coaching techniques. At NeuroGenesis, we focus on neuroenergy, helping individuals navigate their challenges, from trauma to triumph, and achieve sustainable high performance.

My life is a testament to the fact that our deepest pains can become our greatest strengths. As a mentor, I am dedicated to helping others find their path from darkness to empowerment, embracing a life of balance, resilience, and continuous growth

#1 Grand Slam Tennis Player Bethany Mattek Sands

Integrate skills and strategies into daily routine. Make adjustments and encode into the mind and body somatically.



Learn tools, skills, and  action items to enhance leadership and performance. Support accountability and integration 

90 Day 2024 Reset


When therapy hasn't been the right fit for you, but healing your energy is needed.

1:1 Coaching 


During these luxury at-home Reiki sessions, I will help move stuck energy and provide an instant shift.

At Home REIKI Work


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This all inclusive, science led program will re-wire your mind and body with a strategic neurofeedback brain training, biohacking, breathwork, depth psychotherapy and spiritual psychology to sharpen cognition in high pressure situations. Boost your mental performance and activate heart-brain coherence to ignite your passion as you live your best, most optimal  version.

NeuroEnergy Coaching

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The NECC is a Next-Level Energy Consciousness Community designed to bring a whole new level of  performance and awareness for heart-smart men who are leaders in their communities. This program will introduce aspects of yourself that are hidden but are begging to be heard. Transform relationships with yourself, loved ones and colleagues in a container of strong, vulnerable, and authentic men. 

NECC Mastermind

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Transformative workshops for high performers to expand at a rapid rate through curated experiences designed to connect you to your inner unfiltered and raw emotions. Experience radical accountability and honesty as you discover your truest self among a brotherhood of  support.

Men's Conscious Leadership NEC Retreat



"Daniels positive attitude, in-depth knowledge and organic supportive nature made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Daniel educated me with the tools and much needed validation of my own thoughts and feelings. Because of our work, I have mindfulness and body work baked into each day giving my mind a rest resulting in even more effectiveness. I'm more aware of how hard I am on myself and  give myself grace."

Director of Business Development 



Daniel is exceptional. A profession, a friend and so skilled in his work. In all of the work I have done on myself and interactions with men- and those in the coaching and healing space, Daniel is truly stand out. His experience, backed by training, skills, Science and tools that actually work- compassion, kindness, communication, and genuine care for each person as an individual, knowing exactly what is needed and how to customize and tailor to anyone during their journey. I am so lucky to have met him and will continue working with him through every stage of my journey.

Recruiting Consultant



My work with Daniel has given me great insight and has crystallized abstract thoughts of my life experiences that’s but never articulated well. Goals achieve from Daniel’s coaching include regular meditations, being more kind and loving to myself, less fearful of health conditions and more aware of solutions, stronger heart, eliminated porn and related idleness from my life, taking actions necessary to quit my job and embark on new possibilities. In all, well worth the investment! 

Senior Vice President Managing Director



I felt my heart open immediately. I loved the music integration into the experience, because it brought an aspect of true surrender into the music as well as his touch. His way of working was very intentional; and I especially loved how he interpreted my energy field after the session. He identified stuck energy in my hip and gave me advice on how to move through it, which I integrated and has helped me heal my body. I would definitely recommend him.

Holistic Wellness Coach